Known as Indian gooseberry, Amla has powerful and rejuvenation properties to offer. It can help you in boosting the overall energy and health. It has been used for many purposes, like taking care of the hair and skin health, curing throat diseases and many others, for many centuries. It is also considered as a life savior for many people. No matter if you are losing your hair at a constant rate, or your skin is getting damaged earlier, dry Amla can be used to treat all without any hassle. There are many ways, which can give you a chance to include it in your daily regimen, either for hair or skin care routine or other health purposes.

Magnificent Uses Of The Dry Amla At Home

Make a hair tonic
One can prepare hair tonic at home by squeezing out its juice. If you are taking it in a dried form, then you can soak the dry Amla and use it as it is on the scalp. Make sure to massage with your fingertips gently. Afterwards, wash your hair using a mild herbal shampoo. Its regular application can give you stronger and better hair strands.


In the dry Amla hair tonic, you can also add lemon juice, coconut oil, almond oil or much more, according to your requirements, while preparing the mixture.

Consider as a hair pack
By crushing dry Amla into powder, you can make its pack. Add Shikakai powder into it in a bowl and pour some water to it. Its thick paste will be made by mixing it well. Then, apply it on your hair according to the hair length. It is good to wait for thirty to forty minutes. Then, wash with cold water. It will definitely help you in reducing the hair fall or damage to a great extent. In the same manner, you can make dry Amla and henna hair pack.

Candies are also made from dry Amla. There are homemade recipes available online, when you want to make the candies from the dry Amla at home. You can eat candies on a regular basis. It will give you positive effects on the health, especially to the skin and hair.


Oral intake of dry Amla
Dry Amla is bitter while eating. It is advised to take in the powdered form. You can make its powder by crushing in the mixer and then take it on a daily basis with a glass of water. Its benefits are many, so, start taking it by buying it online.