These days, many people are attempting to use the natural herbs for many things, like hair care, natural beauty and other things. The Indian culture is enriched by a wide range of herbs that are used for different purposes. One popular herb is Shikakai. It is a natural piece of herb, which plays a vital role in the hair care and skin maintenance. It does not lather much until you mix it with Reetha and other herbs like dry Amla. It is useful to clean the scalp and hair perfectly. You can take it as a mild hair cleanser that can become a suitable option for dry scalp.

Shikakai For Hair And Skin

It gives shine and softness to hair. Some people use it on the face as well to maintain the natural beauty and softness of the skin. Let’s discuss some essential ways to use this potent and effective herb at home:

Shikakai Shampoo
A person can make its shampoo at home. It has a very easy recipe to follow. By using this herb and avoiding the chemicals, you can get the complete texture to your hair and scalp. Take some Shikakai pods and soak them in the water overnight. You need to boil the water till they become softer to be crushed with hands. Give it sometime to stay cool and then strain the mixture. Now, the shampoo is ready and you can use as it is.


Shikakai Hair Pack
For preparing a face pack, get some dry Shikakai or powder. If you want to add some dry Amla, fenugreek powder, Neem leaves or much more, you can go further. Otherwise, take only Shikakai and boil it in water for 15 minutes. Allow it to cool. Crush the contents by hand and then strain the water. You should use this mixture on the scalp and hair and keep it for 30 minutes. It treats dandruff and other hair related problems.

Shikakai Hair Oil
Oil can also be prepared. You need coconut oil and 2-3 spoons of Shikakai powder. Boil the coconut oil by taking it in a pan and then Shikakai powder. Make sure to mix it completely. Avoid making the lumps in it. After boiling it for 15 minutes, you should turn off the gas. After cooling it down, store it and then use it as you use the normal oil.


Shikakai Paste
Shikakai paste can be used on the skin to treat many skin related issues. Mix the Shikakai powder with some turmeric and make the paste using the milk. Strain it, and then use it on your skin or as a body wash.