Have you ever wondered how women in previous times managed to obtain shiny, silky, thick, and attractive hair? Of course, there were no advanced shampoo hair care products and treatments; still, they had beautiful and lengthy hair. They all were dependent on the herbal ingredients taken from the segment of nature, like Reetha (Soap Nuts), Amla (Indian Gooseberry), and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). There are many old-age home care remedies in this country, which are helpful to boost the health of hair.

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How we can use these herbs?

All of these herbal ingredients have a great role in the beauty of hair. Amla is enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that nourish and soothe the hair. Reetha is also considered a natural cleansing agent, which eliminates microorganisms and impurities from hair as well as the scalp, which may cause many issues. Shikakai serves as a natural fruit for hair due to its pH value, which maintains the natural oils in the hair that keep it healthy and lustrous. You can use it in different ways at your home. Let’s discuss some important methods to apply these herbs to the hair at home:

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Reetha and Shikakai
Crush the Shikakai in a powder form. On the other side, take some Reetha and soak them in water all night. Squash them in the morning and strain this solution. Afterward, add a teaspoon of crushed Shikakai into a soapy solution and then apply it to your hair. Wash your hair with this solution.


Amla and Shikakai
Add some Amla and Shikakai in the water and then soak them in the warm water for the whole night. In the morning, squeeze the juice out of it. This solution can be used as a shampoo to wash your hair regularly. This way, you will enjoy longer, stronger and healthier hair.


Amla, Reetha and Shikakai
Take all these three herbs in equal quantities and soak in water for two days. Close the container tightly. After 2 days, you will see that water will turn dark greenish because it will absorb all the nutrients from these herbs. This solution will be ready to apply to your hair. Scalp your hair thoroughly with the use of your fingertips. You need to leave it for an hour so that all the nutrients get absorbed into the hair scalp. Afterward, you need to rinse your hair with a lot of water. It will work as a natural cleanser.