Reetha is a popular herb that comes up with many benefits for your skin, hair and other parts of the body. It is an ancient herb, which has a great importance in the Ayurveda. It is also named as Soapnuts, which is a member of the sapindus genus. It has various uses at homes and in the jewelry industries. Many jewelers use it to cherish the metals, like gold, silver and much more. This is the reason why we have seen this herb as a great implementation in the form of key ingredient in soaps and shampoos as well as other products.

Due to the presence of saponins in it, it can be used for cleaning everything whatever wants. It is an affordable, mild and completely natural alternative to the chemical detergents, which are commonly used. By visiting Kiranaplace, we can buy this herb based on our needs and preferences.


Application ways
When you are considering it for use at home, there are many ways to be looked after. It is used for hair cleaning, making face packs and other things. So, start one by one:

  • Reetha mask

It can be used as a mask for hair. Firstly, eliminate its shell and put it into one-half liter of water. Leave it as it is for the whole night and then perform straining for it. Afterward, you can apply it to the water. Wash your hair with it.

  • Reetha hair pack

To make it, arrange some water in a bowl and add 3 teaspoons of Reetha powder. Powder can be prepared by crushing the Reetha. This way, the paste will be made. You can also add lemon juice and some yogurt to it and mix them. Apply it on the hair and scalp.

Reetha: An Active And Natural Herb For Home Use

  • Reetha shampoo

It can also be prepared at home. Use the Reetha after taking its shell out. Make its powder and place it in the iron vessel and then add 6 cups of water and leave it overnight. Strain the mixture and your shampoo is ready. It can make your hair healthy and dandruff-free.

  • Reetha liquid for the face

You can use Reetha liquid to clean your face. It will give enhanced facial skin tone by cleaning it deeply. You can also add some essential oils to the liquid before its application.

  • Reetha liquid for jewelry and cloth cleaning

The liquid of the Reetha can also be treated as an active agent to clean the clothes and jewelry at home. It will give a perfect color to clothes and ornaments, making the real appearance stable.