Plants are an indispensable part of nature, and they have made our life easier by incorporating considerable benefits in any form – raw or dried. If we went back to pharmaceutical science, we would find how Indian Ayurved is using the medicinal plants like amla, reetha, shikakai hibiscus for the benefit of human and beauty care treatment. Thus this alternative medic is being used from the ancient time to heal many diseases without any harmful side effect. Today here we are going to discuss the uses and benefits of dry medicine plants like reetha, amla, shikakai and hibiscus.

How to Wash Your Hair Without Using Shampoo: A Mixture of 3 Herbs

1): Dry Amla – Dry Amla is produced from Indian gooseberry, which is enriched with antioxidants and vitamin C. This fruit with high nutrition value is being used by Indian Ayurved as a medicinal plant to improve inner health as well as a beauty treatment. Due to the presence of high level of iron antioxidant, calcium it has versatile use of dry amla gained much popularity among health-conscious people. Now we can buy dry amla online, so that we can get the benefits.

Make your Life more Healthier with herbs

Benefits – Dry Amla is best known for it’s as an amazing ayurvedic medicine because it has eight times more vitamin C than an orange and the massive storehouse of antioxidants that enable it to get the super food status. Moreover, apart from health benefits, it solves different complexions as far as skin and hair health is a concern. Now let us check—

Health Benefits—

  • It boosts up immunity power.
  • Prevents cold.
  • Improved digestive system.
  • Works on an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Control blood sugar.
  • Works as a blood purifier.
  • Prevents cancer.
  • Improve hair health.
  • Prevent premature ageing as it contains huge antioxidants.

2): SHIKAKAI - Scientifically named Acacia Concinna is a climber shrub in nature. It is widely as popular as shikakai and one of the most important plants in Indian Ayurved. It is used in making shampoo. You can order dry shikakai in ready to use form through online.

Herbs: A Gift of the Nature to Make Your Life Herbal

Benefits – Shikakai is one of the most natural ingredients since ancient time. It works as a hair cleanser. It contains vitamins like C&D and other medicinal properties to combat general hair problems. Let us look at the benefits—

  • It fights dandruff.
  • Improve hair health by shine and lustre.
  • Increase hair growth.
  • Prevents scalp irritation.
  • Stops premature hair greying.

UsesDried shikakai soaked in water overnight to apply to hair. Boil the water next morning until the shikakai get soft and after cooling smash the pods. Strain the liquid and apply.

3): Dry Reetha – Soapnut, commonly known as reetha is a natural plant that contains soap. The trees are widely grown in the Himalayan region. The berry-like fruit contains a soap called saponin. Dry soap nut has unlimited benefits for hair care and taking care of our garments, especially of woollen garments.


  • Make our hair more shiner than any chemical based shampoo.
  • It contains 100% natural soap which is gentle for washing baby clothes and woollen garments.
  • Washing hair with reetha not only increases your hair health but also makes follicles stronger and lustrous.

Uses— to use Soapnut as a hair cleanser, remove the out shell and soak it overnight. Stain the water in the morning and apply it on the scalp.

4): Hibiscus – Hibiscus are plants that produce large colourful flowers. Besides decoration, the hibiscus flower can serve many health purposes and as well as a beauty treatment. To use all year round, we have to dry it in open sunlight and pressure, or we can order online. Let us check out the benefits.


  • Dry hibiscus petals can be used as a conditioner along with fenugreek mixture.
  • Dry hibiscus flower soaked in water can show improvement in urinary diseases.
  • It is a popular home remedy for hair-loss treatment.
  • Dry hibiscus petals can be used to make hibiscus tea which is beneficial for different health issues like bloodpressure, digestion, menstrual pain, liver protection etc.

Uses— to get dry hibiscus all you have to do is to cut the flower from the stem and keep open in sunlight. It will dry naturally, or dry hibiscus is available online.