These days, chemically made shampoos destroy the natural lining and health of the hair. But still we use these shampoos as we agree with their claims. These shampoos are capable of meeting their claims only if they have natural ingredients in them like extracts of herbs of various types. Have you ever heard about cleaning hair without the shampoo? The more chances, you would have tried this formula for enhanced hair health. If not, then read the below-mentioned information that will help you in getting a right method for hair cleaning without a shampoo.

Get a healthy feel

In the past times, people used to apply the herbs on their hair, making them stronger, healthier and shinier. Now, we have entered in the comfort zone because of the existence of many hair care products. Of course, people would not want to waste their time in preparing the mixture of herbs to replace the chemical shampoos with the natural alternatives. If you really care about your hair health, then the natural alternatives are a must to try.


Make dry amla, reetha and shikakai mixture

Reetha, shikakai, and dry amla have been in the use for many years, not only in India even in overseas as well.

  • Reetha is a good hair cleanser and removes dandruff and other hair issues.
  • Dry amla also acts as a wonderful conditioner for hair. It adds shiny texture to the hair. Even, it also prevents premature graying of the hair.
  • Shikakai is a pH balancer. It means that it is capable of giving the pH level to the scalp and can add bounce to the hair.

Now the main thing is how to make a concoction of these three effective and well-known herbs. It is also possible to add other things like brahmi, licorice root, fenugreek seeds and many others. Let’s discuss the method for the preparation of the trio, which is as follows:

Ingredients needed

Put all the ingredients in a bowl having water and keep it soaked for 6 hours at least. It is good to leave it overnight. In the morning, heat this mixture till it reaches the boiling point. Then, let the mixture cool down before using it. Cover it. If the berries are left, squeeze out. Now, apply to the hair as a shampoo.