Introduction and History:

The aroma of Indian Spices reached all food lovers and spice traders across the world since the ancient ages. It is entirely true that anyone can take an Indian out of India, but nobody can take India out of India – this saying is true to some extent, as Indian food has a direct connection to all Indian’s hearts through the stomach. The USP of Indian food greatly depends on different types of spices which certainly have some great health benefits, as well as, make the food even tastier and luscious. The Spices used in daily Indian cuisines also give different food color, not only that some spices also acts as medicine in some cases. If we add slices of ginger to tea, it’s not only a morning beverage then; it acts as an excellent medicine for the common cold.

The main region of India famous for growing spices is the Malabar, which is in the Western part of Southern India. It is famous as the Spice Kingdom. Foreign traders from different regions came to explore Indian spices for trading. Asian people started the spice trade in the ancient age. So Indian spices have ensured a significant part in the Indian economy as well, as it helps in earning foreign currency through export, as there is a huge demand for Indian spices outside India. In ancient times spices were as precious as gold and acted and used as medicine.

Online Spice Market:

Nowadays online shopping is a trend, as everybody wants to avoid going to a grocery shop, comparing the price rates, and choosing the brand after spending lots of time. So people of this generation prefer to buy Indian spices and seasoning herbs online. Buying Indian Spices Online is a natural and easy process as the internet and satellite connection have made the global market accessible to everyone. Anyone can order spices online in India and get the delivery at home paying low shipping charges. As far as quality and price are concerned, buying spices online from KiranaPlace ensures high quality at a reasonable price, as the buyer can compare the prices from different sites available for online spice shopping.

Variety of Indian Spices:

There is a variety of Indian spices. Most typical Indian Spices That are used in almost every region are Turmeric, Black Cardamom, Dried raw Mango Slices, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Red Mirchi, Cloves, Cinnamon, Mustard Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Bay Leaves, and Saffron.

Uses and Health Benefits of Different Spices:

Cardamom: Generally Two Types of cardamom available here in India—Green(Chhoti Elaichi) and Black (BADI ELAICHI). Green cardamom is used commonly in Indian desserts to Lassie and tea to add extra flavor. Green Cardamom is mixed with other spices to make Garam Masala, used in non-veg and some typical vegan cuisine to enhance fragrance. Only the Pods inside are used.
BLACK ELACHI is mainly famous for its flavor. It is a very strong spice. Only the black seeds are used.
Both the cardamom seeds are used as after meal mouth freshener, and a good appetiser. Cardamoms are very helpful in heartburn, gas problems, and digestive problems.

Turmeric or Haldi: Very common and essential In Indian Kitchen. It enhances the color of any kind of food. Turmeric itself is an excellent antibiotic agent, and it has numerous health benefits. It cures any problem in the stomach, very well for skin care. Turmeric can solve the ringworm problem, especially in the case of kids. Also gives relief in muscle pain.

Cumin Seeds or Jeera: Most Common Indian Spice. It is used as a whole or ground to form a paste to add flavor to different types of curry. Helps to digest food if utilized in a minimum quantity in daily cooking.

Cloves(Laung / Lavang): Clove is a tiny bud-like spice used as a spice as well as medicine. Clove oil is excellent for any tooth problem. Essential ingredients in toothpaste.

Dried raw Mango Slices OR Amchur: Made from raw green mango. Used very commonly all over India, for seasoning and to add some extra sour taste to some dishes.

Cinnamon Bark (Dalchini, Kalmi Taj): It is the bark of the plant that is used as a spice. It adds a very nice flavor to any dish. Helps to digest the food by boosting the enzyme secretion. Recent research shows its power to fight against type 2 Diabetes.


Indian Spices are the symbol of unity in diversity. Apart from adding flavor and color, all the spices have numerous health benefits. They can be used as beauty care products too. But be careful before using them as medicine, as some of them are not meant to be taken raw. We should use the Spices to make our daily diet even healthier.