Introduction :

Dry fruits are the dry form of fresh fruits. The water content of the fresh fruits was removed by some procedure and the fruits became dry and made to preserve for a long time. This method of making dry fruits originated in the ancient age when there was no refrigerator. So to get the Fruits out of season, people discovered a way to preserve them in dry conditions. As the moisture level is almost zero, the shape and size become small, but the nutrition factors remain the same as fresh fruit.



Fresh fruits are transformed into dry fruits either naturally or artificially. The natural process includes drying under sun rays. Artificial methods include using some kind of dehydrator or a particular type of dryer. Fresh fruits undergo some process like washing, cutting in slices, drying, and packing in airtight container---then it is ready to consume throughout the year even when the season end. As there is no water content, it’s almost free of any kind of bacteria. If preserved in an airtight container, it will remain the same.


There is a wide range of Dry fruits nowadays. The most common names are Dried Apricot(Jardalu,Khubani,Khumani), Dry Dates (Chuwara), Cashew Nuts, California Almond Kernel (Badam Giri), Raisins (Kishmish), Dried Figs (Anjeer), American Almonds, Salted Pistachio Nuts (Namkeen Pista) and other different kinds of nuts, lums, etc.

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Market value and Availability:

In present days dry fruit consumption has increased to a level that packed dry fruits are always available in the market to meet the demand. People nowadays prefer to buy dry fruits and nuts online as it is time-saving. So it’s a new trend to buy dry fruits online in packed in beautiful gift boxes. Also, the buyer can compare the prices and then order online. There is a number of dry fruit stores online in India. They supply the customers with a minimum shipping cost at your doorstep. People can choose a variety of dry fruits from our online store, KiranaPlace and select the required quantity. Sometimes especially during festivals demand for dry fruits increases so much that it takes a long time to buy from the market. So to avoid the hazards of the long wait in a queue, it’s rather easy to buy dry fruits and nuts online in India. Some special offer also attracts the buyer to encourage dry fruits online shopping in India.

Food Value:

In modern days Maintaining good health is a problem with the growing rate of pollution. So staying healthy with a proper immune system is a challenge in itself. We have to make our diet as healthy as it can serve different benefit factors of our health, so from this point of view, dry fruits can be very helpful as Dry fruits contain the same food nutrients as fresh fruit. It is a source of vitamins, minerals, and natural sugar. Dry fruits can simply be described as the concise form of the original fresh fruit, from which it has been transformed into the most concentrated form of nutrient factor as there is no water or moisture. Fitness experts often suggest taking dry fruits as a part of a fitness diet regime, as it gives more energy and stamina. Dry fruits like Almond Kernels, Dried Figs, and apricots are the storehouse of fibre, vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Antioxidants. Dry fruits are an abundant source of protein fibre and essential fatty acids. Including dry fruits like Nuts, Almonds, and Dry Dates, in our daily meals, can serve different health purposes as far as a healthy diet is concerned. Almond is rich in mono-saturated fatty acids that prevent heart disease and are also excellent for brain, and skin health. Almonds and dry dates are also rich in manganese, and potassium and exquisite in enhancing immunity in our system. Dry fruits are essential for kids, as they can get every possible nutrient from a handful of dry fruits that help their bodies to grow. Some health benefits of consuming dry fruits are...

  • Contributes to preventing anaemia.
  • Enhance the immunity power.
  • Maintain cholesterol level.
  • Give enormous stamina for work.


Dry fruits and nuts are convenient snacks, and the ideal substitute for high-calorie snacks, as they provide natural sugars and fibre, zero cholesterol and fats, and a variety of delicious flavours. So dry fruits and nuts are very easy to carry and an easy source of all essential nutrients. The right and regular mix of almonds, cashews, dates, raisins and many other dry fruits is available which are good for health. So almonds, nuts, and apricots are all you need to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Using them for garnishing desserts makes it even more attractive. Browse through the wide assortment of delicious and nutritious dry fruits and nuts at KiranaPlace, an online dry fruits store.