Dry fruits are the most common types of fruits in the world. They are commonly used because of various purposes. They are fruits, which do not have the original water content because it has been eliminated from them. There are different processes used to eliminate the original water from the fruits, such as sun drying, dehydrators or specializeddryers. These fruits have the nutritional value to a greater extent. The consumption of dry fruit is widespread because of a huge variety of dry fruits in different parts of the world. We can opt for dry fruits online shopping in India, no matter what type and variety we want.

Know about the types of dry fruits:

There are mainly two types of dry fruits, like indehiscent dry fruits and dehiscent dry fruits. When it comes to indehiscent dry fruits, they are caryopsis, nuts, samara and achene. Dehiscent dry fruits are capsules, legumes and follicles. Dehiscent fruits are those, which crack open along 2 seams and reduce their seeds into the environment, once the fruits change into ripen stage. On the other hand, indehiscent dry fruits are those, which do not crack open after ripening.

Dryfruits: Asset for your Health

Variety of dry fruits

If you are going to buy dry fruits and nuts online, it is good to know the endless variety. One can choose from the list of many dry fruits, such as Pine Nuts (Chilgoza), Walnut Kernels (Akhrot Giri), Dry Coconut (Gari ka Gola), Poppy Seeds (Khas Khas), Pistachio (Chota Pista), Watermelon Seeds (Magaz), and the list goes on.

5 Health Benefits of Dryfruits and Nuts that You should not Ignore

Health benefits of dry fruits

Dryfruits have properties to fight cancer, skin problems, obesity and other issues in the body. They are beneficial for the skin, hair and the whole body. They also help increase in the iron content, making people healthy and strong. With the dry fruits, you can increase your heartbeat, and treat the migraine. Moreover, by providing our body with right minerals and vitamins, dry fruits can maintain the efficiency of the brain and heart.

These fruits are very easy to take. They are ready to use substances. We can use them as a snack mix ingredient. While preparing salad, yogurt, hot or cold cereals, or snacks, they can be used. By using them regularly, people can enhance the quality of life as they enhance hemoglobin, control bloodpressure, prevent heart disease, control weight and maintain cholesterol.